Looking towards Provo Peak from Timp

Fun times with Daddy

I am officially on a filmmaking kick. It took my 3 years of procrastination, but once I got over the hump, I became hooked.

It’s interesting how filming activities with my kids enriches the experience. This happens for a couple reasons. One, typically Brenda isn’t there with my and the boys when we’re doing something worth filming and so me and the boys want to show off for Brenda to show the video to her when we’re done. Two, because it’s all hands free, I get to be completely immersed in what we’re doing and be a full participant while still knowing that I am capturing it on film. Three, I am obviously not on my phone, wasting time or being a piece of crud dad being physically there but mentally away because, frankly, I want to make the video cool and worth watching and worth showing to Brenda.

In the film below, you will see a couple scenes. One, is just simple biking with Ashton near our house in Saratoga Springs. Another is of me and Ashton out back at this little dirt hill. A third is Oliver, Ashton and I at the Ranches Mountain Bike Park and surrounding foothills, doing some BMX and mountain biking. Obviously, I am doing all the work there! Lastly, is a super heroes (the kids) vs super villain (me, as Darth Vader) fight for Ashton’s 5th b-day.

In the intro, Brenda is asking the kids, “so what did you guys do this week?” and they respond, “oh, nothing!” But, the sound doesn’t really come in unless you jack up the volume.


9 thoughts on “Fun times with Daddy”

  1. Im guessing you are using a gopro? Aren’t those things amazing? It’s one of those ideas where you have to say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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