At Arequipa Airport, with Misty in the background

Momia Juanita, or Part 3 of Visions of Peru

One of the really neat things we got to see in Peru was the Momia Juanita, or Juanita Mummy housed in the Catholic University’s Museum of Andean Sanctuaries (Museo Santuarios Andinos).

Juanita is the well-preserved body of a young girl who was actually killed as a human sacrifice to the Incan gods. She is about 1500 years old. What makes her so cool is that she was discovered high in the Andean mountains, and was thus frozen and very well preserved. She is a little scary looking, but very fascinating.

Me with Juanita
Me with Juanita
Juanita Story, as told in the museum.
Juanita Story, as told in the museum.

Beyond just Juanita, we toured the city of Arequipa. It is an incredible city and civilization, sitting high on the altiplano at 8000+ feet. It sits at the foot of two peaks, Mount Ampato and Misty, both of which rise nearly 20,000 feet. And they are rather tame for the Andes!

Me, Brenda, Fam & Extended Fam living in Arequipa
Me, Brenda, Fam & Extended Fam living in Arequipa

One memorable, or not so memorable, moment was when Leon and I, who are decent soccer players, got whooped by a 7 year old boy and his former professional soccer playing dad. The dad was good, but the son was a future pro, for sure! The 8000 foot altitude didn’t help 🙂


8 thoughts on “Momia Juanita, or Part 3 of Visions of Peru”

  1. Lorin, I am jealous of all these adventures. Which one has been your favorite? I know that is a loaded question, because I cannot answer that one myself.

    1. I’ll write about the one we took to greece and italy. I think that was the funnest adventure. south thunder was best day climb and tetons beat multi-day. but its like choosing between son and daughter you know

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