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Fun times with Daddy

I am officially on a filmmaking kick. It took my 3 years of procrastination, but once I got over the hump, I became hooked.

It’s interesting how filming activities with my kids enriches the experience. This happens for a couple reasons. One, typically Brenda isn’t there with my and the boys when we’re doing something worth filming and so me and the boys want to show off for Brenda to show the video to her when we’re done. Two, because it’s all hands free, I get to be completely immersed in what we’re doing and be a full participant while still knowing that I am capturing it on film. Three, I am obviously not on my phone, wasting time or being a piece of crud dad being physically there but mentally away because, frankly, I want to make the video cool and worth watching and worth showing to Brenda.

In the film below, you will see a couple scenes. One, is just simple biking with Ashton near our house in Saratoga Springs. Another is of me and Ashton out back at this little dirt hill. A third is Oliver, Ashton and I at the Ranches Mountain Bike Park and surrounding foothills, doing some BMX and mountain biking. Obviously, I am doing all the work there! Lastly, is a super heroes (the kids) vs super villain (me, as Darth Vader) fight for Ashton’s 5th b-day.

In the intro, Brenda is asking the kids, “so what did you guys do this week?” and they respond, “oh, nothing!” But, the sound doesn’t really come in unless you jack up the volume.



Albion Basin: Family-friendly Jaunt

The accessibility of Utah hikes to major metropolitan areas is unparalleled. Going from the hustle and bustle of city life to the cool, relaxing clime of the mountains, in less than a half hour, is invigorating. And many of the hikes are extremely accessible and family friendly. One of these is the hike to Cecret Lake up Albion Basin. We hiked it in June of ’09, right after Snowbird closed for the season. Had I brought my skis, I could have skied in the morning and wakeboarded in the afternoon! Pretty awesome.

Me and ashton in Albion
Me and ashton in Albion, …of course my eyes are closed!

The hike was a blast. At the time, it was just Brenda, Ashton and I and Ashton was less than a year old. My sister Alisha came along with my sister Janelle and her husband, Bryan and my brother Dallin and his wife Shannon.

The dirt road exiting from the Albion Basin parking lot quickly turned to snow. I had always wanted to be up in Albion Basin at this time of year. While we were too early for the flowers, which are famous up there, we did catch the bright greens of foliage meet the bright white of the snow, something I had always wanted to see for myself. It wasn’t quite like the contrast of New Zealand or the Alps, but it as still spectacular.

A happy start surrounded by friends and nature
A happy start surrounded by friends and nature

It was a carefree day. My family is very talkative, and we were all just engrossed in conversation, moving from the surroundings to the politics to business to future plans to homes and who knows what else. Over every ridge, the conversation would be interrupted by me exclaiming how beautiful everything was. Brenda would roll her eyes as it was still the same as last time!

At top of sunnyside with fam
At top of sunnyside with fam

We ended the hike at the top of Sunnyside. What a difference a simple 800 vertical feet makes in the weather! We had only brought light clothing and the 9400′ crest was exposed to the wind rushing up the canyon. It’s crazy- as we descended, it seemed like the temperature rose with every step. We didn’t get to finish our lunch up top as we were all huddled up trying to block the wind, so we ate and talked and sometimes yelled excitedly as we descended.

Ashton kept a smile on pretty much the whole time. I think he was the star of the show. He was so happy. He was born to love the outdoors. He was surrounded by awesome vistas, had his favorite toy, a free ride and most of his favorite people in his world with him, so why wouldn’t he be?!

Ashton as happy as can be!
Ashton as happy as can be!

The Adventures of My Life

Husband. Father. Adventurer. My Blog.

Me in Broads Fork
Me in a meadow in Broads Fork

The genesis of most things is necessity. I am actually starting this blog because of a class assignment. Necessity, however, is a terrible reason to blog. Passion for something, though, is a great reason.

I am passionate about a lot of things, actually. Debating, for example, is something that I quite enjoy. I love being a husband. I have tremendous memories, and new ones every day, of just being a husband and hanging with my wife, Brenda. I love being a father. I have three kids, Ashton (5), Oliver (3) and Adelle (1.5). They drive me completely bonkers, every day, but I love it.

Brenda at BYU MBA Winter Social
My Beautiful Wife, Brenda
Me and Ashton Tubing at Soldier Hollow
Me and Ashton Tubing at Soldier Hollow
Oliver looking awesome & confused
A dual selfie of Ollie and Daddy

This best sums up Adelle: http://memories.nokia.com/en/images/62606601-fe4a-4163-9c8e-91a869752919. Yep, she’s awesome, playing Just Dance on the Wii like it’s nothing but a thing.

With so many things to be stoked about, you’d think it would be hard to choose one as the overall theme, but it actually wasn’t. With my family growing up, with my brothers and friends in college, on my own and with my family, I found that adventure was the dominant theme in my life. So this blog is to celebrate life as an adventure…in all its forms…in the outdoors.

I promise to provide as much eye candy as possible with as little text as possible. I love looking at pictures of mountains, far off places, deep blue oceans, bright green fields, raging waterfalls…and yes, mountains. I would be untrue to myself if I blabbered on and on. I rarely care what others have to say in their blogs – I’m usually just there for the pics. So, I promise eye candy. If not for anyone else, at least for myself.

Hope you enjoy.